We create producers. At a time where media can be produced, edited and distributed in moments with a single device by anyone, knowing how to move audiences and create a lens through which they're moved or persuaded is more critical now than ever before. 

The channels through which digital media flow are increasing exponentially, creating an incredible demand for skilled storytellers, filmmakers, documentarians and photographers and that's where SPA's Media Arts program comes in. 

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Winner of the Children's Friend Foundation PSA contest at the Utah High School Film Festival


SPA's Media Arts students learn both philosophical communication models and then develop and practice production skills in all domains on state-of-the-art acquisition technology and standard industry grip and electric inventories.

Nathan Gentry

Director CTE, Teacher of New Media Production, SPA Media Production Company EP

Nathan Gentry is a visual artist and writer who primarily works with the photographic medium and is interested in highlighting the relationship humans have between each other, as well as their relationship with the world in which they live. Seeking to document the coexistence of humans upon the spaces they utilize and commune, and how we as humans use and abuse these spaces is a common focus in Nathan's work. His work often requires experimentation and manipulation in order to create the communicative experience that is often personified in real life.


In 2016, Nathan earned his Bachelor's degree in Electronic Media with a minor in Photography at Texas State. After obtaining his undergraduate degree, Nathan moved to Pittsburgh where he earned a dual Masters Degree in Media Communications as well as Documentary Specialization. Upon completion of his Masters programs, Nathan moved to Salt Lake City, Utah. There, he continues to explore and develop new practices in which he can create photographic works through new processes.


​Nathan has presented his work in many parts of his home state of Texas but has also extended his presentation to several states within the US. In recent years, Nathan's work has been seen traveling outside of the United States to countries all over the world. His most recent achievements have been his exhibitional presentations through international selection in countries such as Germany, Belgium, Greece, the UK, and Italy. Nathan's most recent project, A.D.D. (another.damn.distraction), as well as selected works from his on-going collection titled, Our Planet, have been top selections in the recent travels of his work. As of 2021, his processes and project work have opened up to new explorations as he seeks to develop his next series of work.


Michelle Estrada

Media Arts Teacher Assistant

Bio to follow soon!

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