Our Vision, Mission, & Values

Vision Statement

Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts is an inclusive environment that values academic rigor and creativity in performing arts instruction.

Mission Statement

SLSPA seeks to instill in its students the life skills of creativity, confidence, collaboration, communication, and leadership. SLSPA encourages self-expression, nurtures self-esteem, and challenges the imagination. The School will provide students with the opportunity to learn from the finest performers and educators in their fields where the quality of the creative effort fosters confidence, joy, self-discipline, and a deep, abiding love of excellence and high achievement. 

SLSPA was created with a focus on the performing arts that enhances learning. Both national and local educators agree that arts education is a stimulant for academic achievement as well as training for artists and the development of cultural appreciation. By focusing on the arts, our students and staff will generate a lively, happy, and successful community in which they thrive academically and socially. 

Gifted young performers will be provided highly specialized and rigorous training in the arts while still focusing on important academic achievement. To learn, to sing, to dance, to play, to act...these are the aspirations of our young performers.


Some students need to discover success in a different way than those provided by traditional, competitive, and large high schools. There will be an overall desire within the school to see all SLSPA students unlock their gifts and talents so as to become the best people they can be despite the growing pressures and difficulties they face on their journey through adolescence. 

SLSPA will offer unique performing arts curriculum focused on the individual. The School will nurture, without exception, the values of individual accomplishment and independence. Since individual creativity is integral to the production of art, SLSPA faculty and staff will work with students individually and collectively to stimulate intellectual, artistic, and technical originality. By providing such an environment, SLSPA will strive to graduate people who can work independently and creatively. 

The programs of the School will be designed for motivated students who desire the most from their efforts in the performing arts and in the classroom. Whether the choice is to make a career of their art or merely to participate in it briefly is of little importance. SLSPA desires to create a positive learning and performing experience for all students, and to provide the knowledge and inspiration to take their art to the next level. 

Core Values

Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts is a unique, high-quality educational program that develops responsible, independent and creative young adults through excellence in teaching, learning and community engagement.

Through mutual respect and commitment:

  • A strong academic program unlocks and supports the artistic potential of students.

  • Students learn best in an engaging and collaborative environment, within a framework of high standards, supporting teacher and student outcomes while promoting independent thinking.

  • SPA graduates are prepared for post high school academic and professional pursuits through college and career readiness.

  • Students develop personal and social responsibilities through the discovery of their unique strengths, talents and their potential to make a positive difference in society.

  • Learning involves embracing challenges and being willing to take risks through multi-tiered interventions.

  • Education is a team effort involving students, families, teachers, and the community.

  • Students who are actively supported by family and friends achieve higher levels of performance.  

  • Best practices are driven through data analysis.