The SPA Media Guerilla Film Festival (SPAM GFF) is a 24 hour filmmaking competition for high school students. Beginning November 15, SPAM hosts teams of 1-5 students assembled at SPA's campus to work against the clock to write, shoot, cut and edit a 3 minute film in under 24 hours. All film entries are required to use a specified line of dialogue and select props.



WHEN: November 15 and 16, 2019

WHERE: Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts

2291 S. 2000 E.
Salt Lake City, UT 84106

WHO: Teams of 1-5 members
HOW MUCH: $20 Registration Fee

Contact Eric Young



Three judges will be present at the screening and will vote in three different categories. The awarded categories are:

Best Picture (Bacon SPAM): $100

Best Use of Prompts (SPAM with Cheese): $50

Best Editing (Turkey SPAM): $50


Each team member involved in the competition will vote after each film is viewed.

Peers vote for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place based on script, sound, camera work, and overall impact. The awards are as follows:

First Place (Jalapeno SPAM): $100

Second Place (Classic SPAM): $50

Third Place (SPAM Lite): $25

Free movie passes handed to everyone for participating!

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11/14 Registration Opens
Register for the festival on SPAM’s website – there is no limit to how many teams a school may register

11/15 Registration Closes

8:00a - Teams are announced, along with judges and panelists

9:00a – Required prompts announced and the festival commences.

11/15 Films Submitted & Festival Premiere

10:00a – Judges in session.

Noon – Festival Premiere! Sit back, relax, and watch your film and all the others on the big screen. At the end of the screening cast your ballot for peer choice awards.

2:00 Awards Ceremony – Judges & Peer choice awards are announced, prizes and trophies are awarded.

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1. Guerilla filmmakers must be between ages 15 -18 or registered as high school students.

2. Teams must have 3 – 5 members. Teachers, parents, actors, are not considered part of the team.

3. Competition is limited to the first 25 teams to register.

4. Team members are responsible for the creative aspects of the filmmaking process. Teachers and parents are allowed to provide technical support only.

5. Film projects MUST be completed within the designated time.


6. Completed projects must be no more than three minutes long.

7. Projects must be submitted in mp4 (H.264 codec) format with 1080p resolution. The projects can be submitted as a removable hard drive or via a specified dropbox link.

8. All films must start with a 15 second black screen title plate which includes the film name, high school and team name. This will not count in your total film time.

9. Teams must edit their own projects and are responsible for providing their own editing equipment.

10. Use of copyrighted music is only allowed if a team includes written proof of permission from the music’s creator which needs to be handed in with the submission form.

11. All film content must remain within a PG rating. See the MPAA website for guidelines.

12. Filmmakers are required to sign a release form granting SPA Media the right to use footage created during the festival for promotional materials. Any revenue received from the use of these materials will be used by SPAM to fund future
community projects.

13. No one associated with the festival or SPAM can assist teams with their projects in any way.