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A/B Calendar

The Annual A/B Calendar for SLSPA mirrors the Highland High School A/B Calendar. The most current year-at-a-glance A/B Calendar is available on the Highland Website. A pdf copy is included on this page, however, all calendars are subject to change. If changes are made, they will be viewable first on our live calendar on this website. You can subscribe to our calendar so you have instant access to all events and changes on your home computer or personal device/smart phone.

SPA's Counseling Corner

Click SPA's Counseling Corner to get updates and information on graduation, college and career planning, ACT/SAT Testing. financial aid, scholarships and more. 

Student Survey

As part of our ongoing process of review and improvement, we need your feedback as a student. We have partnered with Advance-ED to help us gather and analyze the information you provide in order to improve our school for the benefit of our students. Please respond to this survey, School Climate and Culture. Thank you for your help.


Parent/Teacher Organization

We work together to create and organize SLSPA events. Act as teacher liaisons for shows and classroom needs.  Work closely with SLSPA Administration and Board to ensure school/parent communication.  SLSPA is a performing arts school that is unlike most schools, as it provides your student with professional-level training from professional dancers, actors, musicians and technicians all in one place without having to register at separate studios at significant expense.

As a public charter school, we are able to keep costs low and the PTO helps by conducting various fundraising efforts and coordinating parent volunteerism for monetary donations, sewing, cleaning projects, chaperoning events, costume donation, painting, and assisting with other improvements throughout our school.  As little as 2-10 hours of your time makes a big difference in the success of our school as a whole. 


PTO meetings are NORMALLY held the second Tuesday of every month at 11:00 am in the Faculty Room.  Please feel free to join us, whether you are part of PTO or not. Please reach out to our PTO President if you are interested in joining the organization!


Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Any donations made to Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts are tax deductible. If you have any questions about current fundraisers or wish to make a donation please contact Lucas Charon, Principal at 801-466-6700, or email at lcharon@saltlakespa.org.


SPA is continually looking for donations of vintage costumes, props, historical type furniture. We are also in great need of fabric donations, so if you have a closet full of fabric (even the crazy stuff!) before you take it to a thrift store, consider making a donation to the school and seeing your fabric in action!

Carpool Information

If you are looking for carpool assistance, please complete the following online form.The Carpool Coordinator will contact you within 72 hours to let you know who in your area is also looking for carpool. If your student(s) has a split household, each parent will need to complete the form for that student(s) for their address. Make sure to complete all sections so that we can get back to you as quickly as possible. If you have questions prior to filling out the form, please email The Assistant Principal, Lucas Charon at lcharon@saltlakespa.org. Thank you for your participation and we welcome your suggestions on making this an easier process.


Annually, Schools are required to provide updated notices to their parents, and students regarding school policies and other significant items related regarding their student's education. Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts adheres to the policies and procedures of the Salt Lake City School District except where there is a specific need or variation directly related to being a charter school. Most of those policy variations are directly related to internal Personnel issues.

Anti-Bullying Compact

This form is the one that all students who attend SPA and other Schools in the Salt Lake School District area have to sign about what bullying is, and how to report it. Every student must sign and return it to their school. The faculty at SPA felt the information was so important, we wanted parents to have access to it. Please feel free to refer to it when talking to your children about the effects of bullying and how it can have a negative impact on a person's life at home or school. If you have any questions or need help with a bullying situation, please call Mr. Charon at the school so they can help take care of the situation.

Parent Survey

Thank you for partnering with Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts to provide amazing educational opportunities for your student(s). As part of our ongoing process of review and improvement, we need your feedback as our primary stakeholders in part by taking this survey. We have partnered with Advance-ED to help us gather and analyze the information you provide in order to improve our school for the benefit of our students. Thank you for your help.

Student Withdrawal from SLSPA

Should you choose to un-enroll your student from our school, then change your mind, you will have to re-enroll through the lottery, and we cannot guarantee re-entry into the school regardless of the situation.  


Once SPA has received official written notification from the legal guardian as to where and when the transferring student will be transferred to, our Registrar may then forward the student’s cumulative file with all pertinent information.

Parents/Guardians begin this process by completing our Student Withdrawal Form. Our office staff will be notified when the form is completed, and we will be in contact within two business days.

Statewide Online Education Program

For further information regarding the statewide online education program, click here.