The device bearing the QR Code you just scanned is the property of Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts.  Located at 2291 S. 2000 E. Salt Lake City Utah 84106 - +1(801)466-6700 


If you are NOT the student or faculty member assigned to this device please contact us so that we can arrange to retrieve the device.


If you ARE a student and have been assigned this device for your use, please note the following. 

  • You are subject to the schools Acceptable Use Policy while using this device.

  • You agree to be responsible for its physical care while it is in your possession, including the AC Power Adapter 

  • You agree to return the device and power adapter to the school at the end of the school year or if you are no longer enrolled. If the device is not returned in good condition, power adapter included, you may be help financially responsible for its replacement.

  • This device is enrolled in the schools Mobile Device Management.

    • Geofencing is enabled to track the location of the device. 

  • This device is enrolled in a cloud managed content filtering system.

    • Internet history is recorded.

    • You have no right to privacy when using this device.  


To use this device you must have a email address.  This address is a GSuite for Education account that provides Gmail, Unlimited Google Drive storage and the full suite of Google applications.  


To login: enter your email username in the form of “first.last” or the part of your email address that comes before the “@” symbol. For example if your email address is you will enter john.smith as your login name followed by your email password.  


If You Need Help

If you need help using the device you have been assigned or if the device is not operating as expected, technical help is available.  Please contact the school at the phone number listed above or email